What is Custom Cabinetry?

Custom cabinetry is a misused term, and does not necessarily refer to better quality, but more to being built on site. [Custom used to mean the cabinets were built piece-by-piece at the jobsite and installed in place prior to being finished.]Stock cabinets are pre-produced, factory-made cabinets sitting on shelves waiting to be shipped.

We carry cabinets which are made to order for each project, sometimes referred to as semi-custom cabinets. Our Semi-custom cabinets are built to order in a variety of height, depth and width, colors, door styles and finishes. Most semi-custom manufacturers can modify or customize these measurements at a nominal fee and often, in the case of frameless cabinetry, for free. Our cabinets are of very high quality in terms of style, construction and features, built to order means a better fit and customization for each room. All of our manufacturers build and finish their cabinets to order for your project.

We work with 4 different cabinet manufacturers based in USA and Canada

Columbia Cabinets | Vancouver

Omega Cabinetry | Iowa

Envoy | California

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